Bobby Budnick (badlucksammie) wrote in weezer_pride,
Bobby Budnick

NEW weezer thing.

least favorite song and album.

Least Favortie Song= Slob
Least Favorite Album= Maladriot (even thought I like a lot of it.)
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i like all wezzer but, i will admit slob is notone of thier best same with Maladriot
... AND WE'RE GOING TO BURN THEM..... english 6th hour.
ummm i dont like pink triangle that much. i dont really like slob either. not sure what my leats favorite album would be. probably maladroit.
I'm going to cheat and put down most of the green album. I dislike "island in the sun" and "hash pipe." so that means my least favorite album is green, simply because I can only listen to it when I'm happy.
I only listen to be happy to like that's why I hate slob.
*sigh* Pink Triangle is one of Weezer's best songs, Slob is amazing for its lyrics and guitar riffs, and Maladriot was flat out good. IT ROCKED HARDCORE....

Now the Green Album, on the other hand, is almost unlistenable. All the songs are terrible and the melodies are much too simple.
- 1. Don't Let Go- Not too Fond of this song.
+ 2. Photograph-creative, catchy.
+ 3. Hash Pipe
+ 4. Island In The Sun- you have to be in the mood.
- 5. Crab- I could never listen to the whole song.
- 6. Knock Down Drag Out-lame.
/ 7. Smile-ummmmm. okay.
- 8. Simple Pages- give me a break. (who am I listening to again.)
+ 9. Glorious Day-maybe my favorite on this cd.
- 10.O Girlfriend-braf.
i like the green album. it may be simple, but that doesnt matter to me. its catchy... and i like it. pink triangle is good, everyone thinks its good, i just dont like it. idk why.
ya know what a good song is? teenage victory song.
i for one dig all of weezers musical output! all their albums are great!! I listened to their new single the other day and "SURVEY SAYS" ,"IT'S GREAT!!!!"
I know....... But, it's only if you had to choose.
OOOOOOOOOOOOHH! well, in that case, i'd have to go with Maladroit!!